The Phoenix Pet Expo

This coming weekend, April 16-17, is the Phoenix Pet Expo located at WestWorld in Scottsdale. Gem Lady Treasures will be there and we are really looking forward to a fun-filled weekend!

We have been working hard to prepare for this event and have a wonderful selection of our unique Leather and Natural Gemstone Dog Collars. We also have beautiful Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstone Necklaces for Dog Lovers (that also happen to match our Dog Collars)!

Bring your Fur Baby and enjoy Fabulous Prize Giveaways for the Two-Legged AND Four-Legged! There is a Pet Talent Contest, Pet Costume Contest plus Pet & Guardian Musical Chairs! Dozens of Rescue Groups for a Mega-Adoption Event, Discounted Vaccinations, Microchipping and Heartworm & Flea Preventatives, FREE Nail Trims, Live Entertainment, Obedience Demonstrations, Learn how to Travel With Your Pet, Grooming, Pet Behavior and Training, Veterinarian FAQ and MORE!!!

Visit Gem Lady Treasures in Booth #238                                                                 (Between the Disc Dogs Course and the Agility Course)                          Bring Your Fur Babies!!!

2016 Phoenix Pet Expo
2016 Phoenix Pet Expo

And The Transition Begins!

On Monday I started my new job. When I left for work Nathan had no idea that this was about to become a daily habit. When I returned home, he was very happy that Mommy was home! I noticed that he had napped in bed all day and that he had re-arranged all six pillows.

The second day he hesitated in taking his ‘cookie’ when I left for work. Again when I returned home he was very excited and yes, more pillows had been re-arranged to his liking.

On the third day, it was all I could do to get him to take his ‘cookie’ when I left for work, only to find when I got home that he had not eaten it all day long. His way of letting me know that he is not happy with this new schedule. The re-arrangement of pillows has now become a daily routine. I have a feeling that he is no longer arranging the pillows for his comfort, but as a way to deal with his frustration that Mommy wasn’t home.

I will admit that Nathan is not the only one dealing with separation anxiety. It is so hard to leave those big, brown, beautiful and adoring eyes! Like all parents do, I have taken a picture of him to work and it is sitting on my desk. The cute one of him sticking his head out of the sunroof the day I adopted him. It brings a smile to my face by just looking at it and remembering that special day. I just wish a picture of me would help him through the day.

Nathan's Adoption Day
Nathan’s Adoption Day

Two more days of this and the weekend will be here. I can all ready tell you that the two of us will be spending both days, all day, together, as it should be!