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Please let me introduce myself, my name is Karen M. Smith and here is a little bit about me.

When I was a little girl, we always had a dog. I remember my Mom opening my bedroom door each morning and Honey Bear (a Lhasa Apso) came running in and jumped onto my bed to wake me up. When I purchase my first home, along with it came my own first dog Angus, an Old English Sheepdog. I was not married and did not have kids so Angus was my kid, my Fur Baby. My family life remained that way, my dogs remained my Fur Kids. My current Fur Baby is Sir Nathan Thomas. He is a rescue dog and I truly believe that all rescue dogs should be treated like royalty. That is the reason behind the title Sir in his name. Nathan is a Dalmatian and Labrador mix. He is constantly by my side and gets his nose into everything! He is wearing the very first Gem Lady Treasures Dog Collar I made. I do have to admit that he gets compliments on it wherever he goes.

My career life is in retail, mostly woman’s fashions but other products as well. I finally realized what I wanted to do when I grew up when I was in my late forties ~ better late than never! Ever since I was a young child, I loved jewelry. Any time the family went shopping we would end up in the jewelry department with my nose up against the glass case looking at all the pretty baubles. As I grew up, I went from sequins and plastic beads to rhinestones to now fine jewelry. In order to get myself into the fine jewelry industry, I took classes at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It is a world renown institute known for their ethics, education and research in the field of gemology. I received my Accredited Jewelry Professional degree from them. The Accredited Jewelry Professional degree means that I have a through knowledge of metals, diamonds, and colored gemstones. Eventually I would like to earn my Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA. That would include classes and labs where I would learn how to identify and grade diamonds and colored gemstones.

When the economy tanked in 2009, so did my career. Fine Jewelry was not a product that people had to have. So I had job after job due to lay offs and store closings. It was during my last unemployed period when my Fur Baby Lady Lacy Marie went to Heaven (See Gem Lady Treasures; The Story Click Here ). A month to the day of her passing I was on the phone with a close friend. Knowing my love for dogs and colored gemstones, he asked me why I wasn’t making gemstone dog collars. What a brilliant idea! Right away I started researching the idea, looking at different materials to make them from, and how to make them. The first batch was ten dog collars. Like anything you do for the first time it was a learning experience. They turned out great, but I learned what I could do to make their quality even higher. One thing the jewelry industry taught me was that there is no substitution for craftsmanship and quality materials. So instead of going back into the workplace, I opened Gem Lady Treasures in Memory of Lady Lacy Marie.

From those original ten dog collars, we now have a much larger selection offering both natural and hand dyed black leather and over a dozen different natural gemstones. We even offer custom dog collars for those with multiple dogs in the family. Gemstone Dog Collars is such a new product idea that we have been working on getting our product known through social media as well as dog shows and gem and mineral shows. I am very excited about our dog collars as well as the other collections we offer and I hope that they will be showing up on fur babies all over the world very soon!

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