Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You state that your gemstones are “Natural”. What exactly does that mean? A: Natural gemstones are gemstones that have come directly from Mother Earth and have only been cut and polished.

Q: Are there ever treatments in the gemstones you use? A: Usually not. We prefer to use gemstones that are not treated to enhance their color. We might, at times, allow a stability treated stone. For example Turquoise can be brittle. If stabilized, it would be much more durable and hold up against the wear better than it would if not treated. If this happens, the treatment would be noted in the listing.

Q: Do you ever change the gemstones you offer? A: Yes we do! If we get a new gemstone in, we will immediately add it to the collection. Also if we are running low on a stone and cannot get it again, it will be noted in the listing as limited supply. At times we also get in a one time shipment. That means we have it now, but will not be able to get it again. That will also be noted in the listing.

Q: I have a favorite gemstone but I don’t see it in your listings, can you get it? A: We will make every effort to do so. Please contact us so we can look for it. If we cannot locate what you have requested, if possible, we will offer you an alternative gemstone(s) for your consideration.

Q: I have more than one dog, can I order matching or coordinating collars? A: Absolutely! Please contact us so that we may discuss what you would like.

Q: I would like to learn more about the gemstone on the collar I am interested in, where can I find such information? A: Because I have formally studied Gemology, I have access to an abundant amount of information. I will be posting blogs about the various gemstones we use or you can always contact me with what you are interested in knowing as I am more than happy to share!